2016 Desert Rose Sterling Silver Pendant Limited Edition Quilting for the Community


The 2016 Desert Rose Pendant

This piece is the first in the series. 

It was designed in the shape of an octagon, the shape of a stop sign, to symbolize stopping domestic violence, sexual violence and abuse of all kinds.  It is sterling silver and is 18" long, but can be adjusted to accommodate other lengths, just let me know.

It has quilted sections of roses and leaves:

Rose – The rose is of course part of Desert Rose’s name but also it is a symbol of love. 

Leaves – The symbolism of trees and leaves is apparent in common metaphors such as the Tree of Life, how we “put down roots” when we create lasting relationships, and in the phrase “turning over a new leaf” when we experience significant change for the better.

And it is finished off with a small Herkimer Diamond (Quartz) to symbolize strength.


Quilting for the Community is our program to help non-profit organizations raise funds for their organizations.  20% of the purchase price goes back to Desert Rose.  These pieces will change annually and will be limited editions with a certificate.

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