Silver OM Necklace


This OM charm is handcrafted from fine silver. The charm is 3/4" in diameter. It is attached to a black with gold accent nylon cord that is adjustable from 20" to 24".

The ancient syllable "OM" is the shortest of the Mantras and in Indian tradition it is a word suggestive of God.

The scriptures tell us that "OM" is the planets primordial vibration from which the entire universe has arisen. All other sounds are contained within it.

It is believed that "OM" is the mother of all languages. Repetition of "OM" enables us to maintain mental and emotional calmness, overcome obstacles and enable understanding.

It is said that A represents the waking state. U the dream state and M the state of deep dreamless sleep. the fourth state, sounds in the resonance following M.

Saying "OM" is actually a form of meditation

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