Your Message Silver Necklace


What a wonderful way to send your favorite person a message! You write the message on a template and I will craft it into a pendant in sterling silver. Tell your special someone, "I Love You", send a support message, "Stay Strong", the possibilities are endless. A perfect gift for your kids, your loved one, your best friend, a teacher, a mentor, etc...

The photos are two pendants that I crafted for my kids for Valentine's Day, signed Mom with a XO.

You have a choice on shape between heart, dog tag or oval. The opposite side can be a pattern, paisley or lightly woven, or just silver, either matte or shiny.

Your pendant comes with a ball chain, either a 16" or 18". If you need another size please put a note on your order and I will contact you.

Due to the custom nature of this product, there are no returns.

I will email you after you order to discuss and set up and pick you choices for just the right pendant for you.

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