When life gets busy......

Lately I feel as if I hop from one fire to the next, never getting ahead or really being prepared.  Such is life, my son soon graduates from high school.  This week I took some time everyday to put toward my business, which I feel has just been pushed to the back burner.  It felt good to focus.  Yesterday I selfishly took the time to just create a few pieces for the store and it brought back the enthusiasm that I usually feel.

Life is a balance, sometimes it tips one way or the other.  I have learned you need to learn to ride the waves and just go with it, in the end it will all balance out.  I am looking forward to these last few weeks of my son's high school career, ending his athletic endeavors, attending prom and graduation, and making some hard college choices.  It means my time is spent other than work but soon enough I will have that time back and can get right back to work.  So in the end, my advice is don't stress, you ultimately know where you should be whether you know it or not!

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